Soooo….here we go! The first post on my blog, and as such I should introduce myself….I am a 25 year old guy working in London, on a journey with 8 million other Londoners hoping to explore the world and learn something new everyday..

Whilst I am new to the writing jargon, I am not new to capturing photos, and updating friends on the various adventures I find myself on around the world or great places I find myself in. . . As such I wanted to create this space for the documentation and exploration my travels, experiences and thoughts and hopefully collate in essence a guide of ‘that I have to try’ or ‘I must go there’. We are all so tied down with our various roles, whether that be jobs, familes or commitments that we deprive ourselves from seeing just how incredible this world is and what it has to offer. We have all had our own individual journeys full of trials and tribulations or success’ and victories….I hope that you enjoy and please, all feedback is welcome, as I said I am new to this.


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